Fonts and such

You know, as a paper and digital scrapper, I really and truly love fonts. Yes, I get in a rut and like certain ones that I use nearly all the time, but I love, love, LOVE searching for a special one. But I will admit it…part of my love of fonts stems from the actual names of the fonts. So in the spirit of sharing, here are some of the most recent fonts that I absolutely love, just because of their names:

-Seven Monkey Fury
-BN Suck My Balls
-Even Badder Mofo
-Snotmaster V
-Expletive Deleted
-Discount Inferno (begging to be the title of a blog)
-FSO Incompetent Apprentice (yet another great blog title)

Ah, the joy of creative naming. Thanks for the smiles, you incredibly talented fontmasters!


One response to “Fonts and such

  1. YOU, young lady, are an ugly mind working under the disguise of a sweet chicaroni! lmao

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