A little bit of craziness.

Michael has pneumonia! Poor little guy. He’s playing and having a grand time, but sheesh, it truly makes me feel like some neglectful mother. I mean, really, how does a three year old get PNEUMONIA?!?! Needlesstosay, I’m in shock. Oh, and now we are the proud owners of a nebulizer. Where’s my rolling eyes smiling when I need him?

So for those of you who are wondering where I am (you know who you are), I’m around but quietly as I get over the shock of it all.

(LOL, that all sounds very dramatic, don’t you think?? rofl, you know me-can’t be totally serious all the time).


3 responses to “A little bit of craziness.

  1. Pneumonia?! Oh, poor, poor baby. Remember when I was fighting that horrible bronchitis? I had to have a couple of nebulizer treatments. I’ll be sending Michael good health vibes and lots of positive thoughts (and I’m sending you “hey, you’re a good mom and you didn’t do anything wrong!” thoughts, too).


  2. Ah, chica, I’m sure he’ll make it through okay but I hope all goes well! Take care of you and your family! I’ll be thinking of you guys…

  3. You are a wonderful mother, so hush up all that nonsense! ;o) It’s the preschool’s fault! *evil laugh*

    I’ll be thinking of you both, and hoping for a speedy recovery for Michael. Give him some extra hugs from me!

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