Keeping Blogs And Privacy Issues

So, when you post a blog, do you expect others to check on it every so often, or are you really doing it for yourself? I truly think that my life is pretty boring and that not too many people would be interested in reading about it…but then again, as an “unedited” journal, I think people *WOULD* be interested in reading about my thoughts. Eh, I’ll ease you into that-I don’t want you to get scared off too fast.

Then I wonder about the other people out there like me who prefer to keep their lives pretty private. Why are they (and why am I) blogging?

I think there are a couple reasons really. I think its probably something similar to the whole ‘reality tv’ phenomenon-we all love being voyeurs. That good old ‘bug on the wall’ feeling really makes ya feel like you’re ‘in-the-know’. Its only fair to share if someone else is, right?

Or maybe its the fact that some of us are searching for something more than just ourselves-wondering how it is that we are all connected in the web of life, yet sometimes feel so far removed from people. Dare I say that the internet actually shields us from relationships? Keeps us aloof, or even allows us to be just a little less polite than we usually are? Yet, I digress (imagine that).

Maybe it really is as simple as this: we all want to be accepted and know that someone out there really cares about the boring daily grind of our lives? So that when we get a little lonely, we can come here and see who, if anyone, left us a comment?

Ok, I’m done for now…

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3 responses to “Keeping Blogs And Privacy Issues

  1. When I started blogging five years ago it was before comments existed on these darn things. Or at least my blog didn’t have them for a couple years. I use my journal/blog to vent, get stuff out I am either to frustrated to put into terms to friends, or just need it out…now, no waiting, no discussion, just need to flush the system so to speak.

    Then there’s times right now when all I want to do is write a mile long post and my head is so jumbled I just close the window and go reading other blogs. 🙂

  2. I’m a fiercely private person and I tend to vent in private in my own brain or to poor Jim. That’s why my blog is full of scrapping woes and not getting paid woes. I’ve done the blog thing before more than once a few years ago – and always end up abandoning it because I’m not being true to myself, especially when I want to name names or one of the people I want to vent about just so happens to be a reader of the blog. So the question is for me: do I just not give a flying f*ck and post what I want? Or to I serve up the edited version of Sara? Heck, I can’t even state what agency I work for, so I might be the wrong person to ponder this…

  3. I don’t expect anyone to read or comment to my blog (although it sure is neat to see comments), but I secretly pretend that I have an audience that I am writing to. Seriously though, I often feel the need to ramble, and I suppose my blog is the best place to do it when I have so much going on, that I don’t have time or mental energy to keep up at a certain message board ;o). I’ve also felt that I’m boring people to tears at that MB, so with a blog…if someone wants to know what I am up to, they can choose to read or not to read about what’s going on in my life.

    while there are a lot of things that I keep in my private, real world life, WYSIWYG when it comes to my blog. It’s just the PG rated, PC version of my thoughts, and my boring life :oP I haven’t wondered yet, how I feel about presenting an edited version of myself…hmmm, it’s either that…or nothing?

    Thought provoking stuff, lady! :oD
    And see what I mean? I love to ramble ;o)

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