Did this work?

See? My inner coolness is already at work trying to figure out if this worked…

I have to admit, I am following my friends who have recently started talking about blogging-oh yeah, I did it years ago (before it was cool) and thought I was the most boring person in the whole world–who the hell would want to read about me?? Anyway, I decided to follow the little herd and try to find my inner coolness in the process…lol.

In the meantime, I leave you with these few questions:

-Why are there more John Doe’s from Oakland, CA in the templates area than Jayne Doe’s from NYC, NY?
-Who decided to pose for the John and Jayne pictures?
-Don’t you love those special ‘fill in the space’ words that templates always use? EXAMPLE: Treas em Wankeing ont Sime (thanks, blogger!) or one of my personal favorites: Esperanto hiccup estrogen.

(Imagine what the search engines would think of this post??)

Ok, so there’s a peek into my inner coolness…once I get a chance, I plan on customizing the blog and making it look a bit more like…how I like it, LOL


3 responses to “Did this work?

  1. It worked! I think you’ve already found your coolness 😉

  2. Welcome to the blogging world, Chica! I tend to drift sometimes but I always come back to Panacea…need to get it out somehow!

  3. Hey, Stac! 🙂 At least your template had words you could recognize…mine was all latin (and guess what…I don’t read latin, lol). ;)–>

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